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Setting up Your Facebook Friends

Posted by Jenny Lea on February 26, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Have you happened to notice that when you are zipping around your homepage at Facebook there are a few friends that never seem to post? Well, I did. I thought maybe they stopped logging in or gave up on all app games. However, I later found out that when Facebook set up their new system they defaulted your close friends and family to post all or most of their messages at your home page, but everyone else was tossed to only important messages or most updates. Some friends were actually set to no posts. Facebook uses some sort of an equation to determine what they believe you think is an important message. So I decided to organize my “friends” in such a way that I manage to have the chance to see all of their posts, to prevent my home page from being bombarded full of game post but still being able to check on all the games posts.

There are two ways to go about this, one wait until a friends post appears on your news feed or set everyone up all at once. Waiting to see their posts may take some time to eventually organize all of your active friends especially when you have Facebook deciding what you should view or not view. Setting up all friends at once can be time consuming especially if you have hundreds possibly thousands of friends.


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Before you start make sure you have your lists (groups) set up, you can also do that as you go along. Facebook already starts you off with some default lists and maintained the lists you had set up before the whole updates started; however, if you already know the lists you want to add such as Bowling League, Gamers, Mafia War Players, Customers, etc. go ahead and do that now.  If you are at your home page you will see a short version of your lists on the left, and if you hover your mouse over the word “list” you will see the word “more” appear to the right, click on the word “more”. Once there you will see your current friend lists. If you wish to add a list you click on the tab “+create list” toward the top center. 

Now that you have your lists set up you can start organizing your friends.
--Method 1: Go to your friends profile. Toward the top near the center you will see “Friend” and “Subscribed”.

--Method 2: Hover your mouse over a friends name in your news feed and you will see a drop down with “Friends” and “Subscriber”.

If you hover you mouse over either “Friends” or “Subscribers” a drop down menu appears. Under “Friend” it allows you to check off the groups you wish your friend to be in. The drop down menu under “Subscribed” allows you to choose what notices you wish to see at your homepage and if you wish to see all, most or important messages only. Personally I have every set for all updates, because I do not trust Facebook to know what I consider to be important and I have the top three notifications checked: Life Events, Status Updates and Photos. Now when I go to my homepage I am not bombarded by everyone’s game posts, comments and likes they make to their own friends and so on.

--Method 3: At your home page on the left you will see lists. Click on a list name and once there at the top right you can either add a friend in the blank available or click on see all friends in the same area and go through your list of friends clicking on those who you wish to add.

I know whether you are on Facebook for business or personal reasons there is a good chance you enjoy playing application games and do not want to miss out on games posts. I have a list that I have named “Gamers” and pretty much everyone is on that list. Once I set up the list I went to the top right and clicked on the little down arrow next to “Manage List”.  In the drop down menu click “Choose Update Types”. The list will enlarge and only check off “Games”. Now when you want to see your friends game posts they will all be right there. You can scroll down and see every game post made during the day. If there happens to be a game you do not intend to ever play you can hover your mouse around the post and you will see a small down arrow appear. Click on the arrow and a drop down menu will appear. You should see at the bottom of the options “Hide all post from” …..which ever game. Click on that if you do not want to keep seeing game posts from a game you never intend to play.

Hopefully this will help you organize your friends on Facebook and manage to keep up with what everyone is doing and posting a bit easier.

Jenny Lee
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