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Syria and Chemical Warfare

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 3, 2013 at 3:30 PM

The media is making it sound as if Chemical Warfare is a new thing. Don’t get me wrong, it is horrific, but not new, and many governments are guilty of testing chemicals on humans throughout history including the United States. The United States’ history of human testing is what makes some people weary of public drinking water, the FDA and other government groups to this day. Odds are many governments are guilty of testing some kind of chemical on their own citizens. Some die instantly, and others deal with the results for many years.

In 1953: The United States Atomic Energy Commission tested radioactive iodine on infants and pregnant women.

1942-1944: The United States Chemical Warfare Service tested thousands of U.S. Military personnel with Mustard Gas.

1955-1975:  The United States is said to have tested numerous chemicals on military personnel.

1960s: The United States and the UK were supposedly involved in a combination of human, animal and environmental experimentations with certain chemicals being sprayed by crop duster planes in or near Salisbury, England.

1920s-1970s – Russia participated in human chemical testing on numerous occasions.

1970-1991 – Saddam Hussein tested chemical weapons on his own people during the Iran-Iraq War and Dessert Storm.

That is a very short list of examples, but not even close to the full number of actual occurrences throughout the world, nor throughout history. Some level of chemical warfare has been utilized since before the days of medieval warfare.

Going to war with Syria will not end the threat of future chemical warfare. That lesson should have been learned after the Cold Wars and again after Desert Storm. It most likely won’t scare other countries into submission. Saddam Hussein was publicly hung by his neck from a rope and thus far that has not stopped other leaders and rebels from making and testing more chemicals.

If Obama decides to attack, American Citizens will have to wait and see what method he decides to take.

Up Close and Personal: Sending troops directly into Syria will put many Soldiers in danger of not just stopping a bullet or collecting shrapnel, but possibly dealing with the results of some nasty chemicals.

From a Distance: Dropping a bomb or shooting a missile may seem like a safe method of war. However, unless they know what chemical is for sure being created and exactly where the chemical is located there is no promise it will properly be destroyed and how many innocent casualties will be included. It will also not prevent future chemicals from being created and utilized.

Jenny Lee


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