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FEE-FI-FO-FUM I Feel the Dread of a Government Furlough Coming

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 29, 2013 at 2:10 PM

When it comes to a possible Government furlough I hear Obama and his Administration giving out one guilt trip after another to the Hard Working Tax Payers. However, I don’t hear those same guilt trips being given out about the employees in the private sector, when they are threatened with a lay off. Even when all the Tax Payer funded clean energy companies were collapsing. They do not seem to feel bad when they issue out more and more taxes and fees, possibly causing them to lay off hundreds of thousands of employees.

As an employee, at least in the private sector, I have to live with the possible stress that the company I am working for is not making enough money to pay the bills or keep up with the ever increasing number of taxes. Some employees cross their fingers their next pay check will not bounce. Some worry about whether or not the company they work with will be open or closed when they go to work the next day. How many government employees live with that same stress on a regular basis?

To make things worse, the current administration likes to threaten the tax payers with the government jobs that will effect them the most or create the most guilt. The current administration is great at making threats to cut funding that will effect children. The current administration uses children for damn near ever cause they can think of, all with the goal of making the average tax payer feel guilty. When there are so many government positions across the U.S. that are not necessary or are over staffed and will most likely not effect the day to day life of the average tax payer or any innocent children. All to help fuel the drama that their followers can dish out at the general population. All to get what they want.

Honestly, there are plenty of government employees that should have been fired years ago. Employees that have been rude to the public (aka: their bosses), not good at their job in general, slackers and so on. There are so many programs and job positions that are unnecessary, and I am not talking specifically about the welfare program or any specific program that a whiney ass Liberal or Progressive wants to choose as an example in order to help fuel the Obama guilt trip. However, the government employees that do get furloughed will most likely be those who will cause the most interference with the day to day life of the average tax payers or harm the most children and people who need help. Most likely to punish the average tax payer and blame it all on the State Senators and House Representatives in order to make them feel guilty for their vote and use it against them in any of their future political endeavors.

It is sad when our government officials or any country’s government officials for that matter, utilize emotional trickery and abuse to get what they want in order to fulfill their own personal agendas.

Jenny Lee

Madam Jenny

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