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Liberal Media is trying to Transform a Murderer into a Victim

Posted by Jenny Lea on July 3, 2015 at 6:10 AM

The Liberal media is trying to, once again, transform a criminal into a victim. This time it is happening to Richard Matt, one of two inmates who escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York on June 6, 2015. Richard Matt was in prison, not for petty theft or drug charges, but for murder. To add to it, he murdered at least two people, one in the United States and another in Mexico. Neither of the murders were quiet and pain free. He attacked his first victim, kidnapped him, broke his neck and then chopped him up into little pieces. He stabbed his second victim at least nine times.

So, how is the Liberal Media trying to make the public feel sorry for him, now that he is dead? Apparently he wrote his daughter before he escaped. Letting her know he was going to visit her soon. His daughter was afraid of him and odds are she was not looking forward to a visit.

Now, if that is not enough the Liberal media has already taken the “bad childhood” issues as an excuse. I use to believe the liberal media about how criminals are not to blame, their bad childhood is to blame, but then I grew up and along with growing up came some common sense. If childhood abuse is truly to blame, then why aren’t more adults violent psychotic killers? Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of adults who experienced some kind of childhood abuse. They are not out killing and dismembering people. If a bad childhood equals becoming a murderer than I would like to congratulate every abused person who is not out murdering people and for having enough self control. I would much rather congratulate them, than feel sorry for those who decided to go on a murdering spree.


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