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The Federal Government Drains Companies Dry

Posted by Jenny Lea on October 2, 2015 at 2:55 PM

People think that companies have an endless supply of money to give out. The only reason any company is “too big to fail” is when they are about to fail the government steps in and bails them out, after the same government tried to drain them dry with more taxes, fees and regulations. Before “Obamacare” most large corporations were already supplying health benefits, retirement programs, sick leave and much more. Obamacare is not majorly hurting the large corporations, but smaller companies are feeling the slam. Back in the day, when people were working for pennies in unsafe conditions, the government and unions were needed to help the employees. However, those days are ending, there are labor laws in place and more than enough resources to go to without the need of the federal government taxing away or unions sucking up fees and dues. The problem with today’s society is if someone is too ignorant to go to their local workforce or hire a Contingency Lawyer the tax payers are expected to pay a government employee to coddle them and help them take their baby steps up the staircase of knowledge. Uncle Sam might as well take the whole 18 is an adult in America away and pass out government pacifiers to everyone.




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