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Don't Eliminate the Rich, Aim to be Rich

Posted by Jenny Lea on October 13, 2015 at 12:55 AM

Eliminating the rich will not destroy any social levels in the U.S. There will still be people who live in nicer places, drive nicer vehicles, and shop for nicer items than other people. It will only change who is at the top of the social ladder. If it is not “the rich” it will most likely be the politicians, and some of the same politicians who are trying to eliminate the rich. Ultimately, those who live at the bottom of the social ladder will stay at the bottom and those in the middle will either stay in the middle or get shoved to the bottom.


In today’s society most people spend more time looking at what other people have and less time trying to earn the things they want or need for themselves. They think it is not fair their neighbor can buy a new car and they cannot, and then turn around and think it is fair to force their neighbor to help them buy a new car rather than earn it on their own. That is one reason why the price of welfare keeps increasing. Welfare recipients are not happy with the basic necessities and for some reason they feel they deserve more for doing nothing. People think the government should force the companies they work for to give them a raise, rather than find a better job, work their way up to a promotion or go back to school. Society is getting to a point where everyone thinks they deserve everything they want, but someone else is supposed to earn it for them.


Politicians help fuel the issue making the poor feel as if they miraculously deserve whatever products they want, and make promises to supply those products. Those promises have a catch, like anything else that seems too good to be true. Democrats will promise FREE Cell phones. The people think an up to date smart phone with unlimited minutes and data usage. They end up with the cheapest, stupidest phone on the market and maybe 100 minutes a month with no data usage. But, hey, they got the free phone. They are so gullible and/or greedy they allow the next politician with promises of free stuff to buy their votes again. One politician after another promises them free stuff and they are still poor. Wonder how many times they will continue to vote for the Democrat with the promises of more free stuff before they figure out it is a ploy to keep them poor, voting Democrat and out of the way?


Many people do not see how the Democrats have manipulated them with free gifts. They have been convinced by Democrats it is not the government who keeps them on welfare but the Big Corporations and The Rich. Corporations who suppy health insurance, before the Affordable Care Act existed, retirement programs, in office daycare centers, life insurance policies and a number of other benefits for their employees. If a corporation keeps the poor, poor it is because when the poor has some extra money they cannot help but go and buy stuff from the corporations or they get fired for being a crappy employee. The main social group corporations hurt is the small business owners; because, many people choose to shop at the big corporate stores over the little Mom and Pop shops. As for the rich, some of them will pay off a politician to do their bidding. The liberal left will chant one rich name after another, but the rich people they are referring to have not only paid off a Republican, but they have also paid off a Democrat. It is the voters who allow those politicians to stay in office by re-electing them over and over again and then complaining about how politicians should not be in office for 20 years or more. How about voters stay informed with their politicians and actually go out and vote when the time comes?


A movie series that shows the viewers who is really the group in power, is “The Purge", where the poor and the rich are at risk for 12 consecutive hours in order to purge one’s system of violent behavior, but to no risk at all to the top government officials. Many viewers seem more concerned with the differences between how the rich protect themselves and how the poor protect themselves, but they totally ignore the full protection given to the top government officials. That protection is an important part of the movie. It shows the ultimate power does not rest with the rich, but with the government officials. Even in today’s real world politicians are trying to convince society they should be the most powerful and untouchable group in society.


If you want a better life, go out and earn it. Don’t expect any politician or government official to make life better for you. If you do not want any individuals to be too powerful, then stop buying their products or stop electing them into office. You, the voter, the customer has the power, so freakin’ use it!


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