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Working Online


Working online can be one way to bring in extra income or for some a full time income. Who can say no to that?  However, a very large number of companies and promotions try to make working online seem easy and a quick way to make a lot of money. If you find any job or career out there that makes it easy and quick to earn a lot of money let me know.

Working as an online affiliate, webmaster, etc is like most successful careers. It takes effort, hard work and it can be time consuming. The nice thing about working online is in most cases, it is at your convenience rather than your boss’s convenience. If you only wish to work online during the weekends, evenings, Mondays, etc. it is totally up to you.

Most companies do not require a start up fee to join. Free to sign up companies make it easy and cheap to start working online, especially for those who are new to affiliate programs. In addition to receiving a commission when others make a purchase, one can also sign up as an affiliate to save money. Most companies will allow their affiliates to utilize their own links when making a purchase. Allowing the affiliate to take advantage of any online sales and still receive a commission from their own purchase, making the price of a product even lower.




Very simple to utilize and, as always, free to join. Banners with proper links are all set up. One earns money by people clicking on the banner. The more popular the website the more chances someone will click the banner and boom the money adds up. One can place the banner on their own website which is free or find other websites to post the banners but unless the website is a free to advertise or a friend/colleague's website there may be advertising fees. No matter where the banner is placed the goal is to make sure plenty of people have a reason to visit the website. Whether it is due to the content of the website or advertising the website and so on. Either way the more people who visit the website the odds of someone clicking the banners increases. 


Hustler Cash

Market Health

More and more people are veering away from unnatural, chemical laced supplements and health products. Companies such as Market Health offer natural products and also offer a free affiliate program to those who wish to earn a commission selling their products. Commissions vary by product but can reach up to 60% commission. The company also offers recurring commissions. In other words the company pays commissions for return customers and re-orders. Banners and links are supplied by the company, all one needs to do is copy and paste them for potential customers to see.



Easy quick to find and hire the person needed or to submit one's own information to get hired. Signing up is free. 


1,000s of offers. They supply banners and the necessary marketing tools, including training and forums. 


Sell Health

 Sell Health offers numerous health products and their commissions range from 30% to 50%. Many of their products are easy to sell due to their high demand such as anti-aging, sexual health and diet supplements. They supply all the needed links and banners, all one needs is a website to post them on.



Share A Sale

Share A Sale is an affiliate network. If one has products to sell Share A Sale can help to bring in more clients, website views and sales. They do not utilize adware, spyware and charge low fees for the service. For those who wish to make some money online they can sign up for free to be an affiliate. They have over 3,000 companies to choose from and promote. They supply the banner links, text advertisement, product ads and more. Commission varies with each company within the network and some companies require they personally approve each affiliate to sell their products. There is really no limit to how much money one can earn. However, one will have to work for it…duh! With all the possible companies and products to promote it allows for numerous possibilities. Companies range from electronic, tobacco, food, alcohol, a few adult oriented options and many more.  It is free to join, so there is nothing to lose.



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