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Jenny Lee

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Jenny's Rants and Raves

Ranting and Raving about politics, current events, social issues and more.



Doc's Discussions

A page discussing everything from home security, aviation, guns, military, politics and whatever floats Doc's boat. He is hardly, if ever, politically correct and in some cases downright rude. Like Doc's page at your own risk. 


Fancifully Healthy

Healthy goes beyond eating. It includes your everyday actions and experiences. Page includes: Recipes, Health News, Mental Wellness news, Inspirational posts, Nutritional Information, Fitness and more.

eMoney: Make Money & Save Money

Sales, deals, coupons, rebates, sweepstakes and more for the Frugal Shopper. Why fill your inbox with one sales ad after another if you can find out at one Facebook Page. If you do not see the stores you like, let us know and we will keep an eye out for sales and specials. Stop by and click "Like" to save money.



News, jokes, info. and more about all Religions. Freedom of Religion is not only having the right to follow in your tradition, but the ability to respect those of other traditions. (Including those who choose to not follow any tradition.)


Mother Nature's Everything

The world is full of beauty and wonder. Whether it is a domesticated cat walking across the bookshelf or a cluster of stars in space. The page started as a page about different critters but Mother Nature goes beyond the critters and rather than start a second page it has all been combined in one page. 


Jenny's Naught News

Keep up with the Naughty News! Naughty pics, Social Events, Celebrities, and more. Do not miss out on current sales and specials or brand spanking new Fashions and Toys. Stop by and click like. Must be over 18 to join.



Jenny's Naughty Men

Veered toward those who find the male body attractive. Supplies news, jokes, eye catching pics and more. Must be over 18. 



Jenny's Naughty Women

Veered toward those who find the female body attractive. Supplies news, jokes, eye catching pics and more.