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Health and Fitness

Staying fit is an issue for everyone. Finding the right exercise routine can also be an issue. Especially for anyone who is starting up a new routine or a first ever routine. Help should always be welcome. Whether it comes in the form or clothing, gadgets, equipment, etc. Always keep in mind, equipment alone does not make a person fit. Using the equipment on a regular basis does. 

Amazon Online Mall

Health & Fitness--Looking for a specific piece of workout equipment, not quite sure or price checking, Amazon gives you many options to look at. Along with reviews and ratings for most of their products. 


DERMAdoctor, Inc.

“Dr. Audrey Kunin, using a customized arsenal of OTC and cosmetic ingredients, conceived and developed DERMAdoctor Specialist Skin Care. DERMAdoctor's mission is to provide a series of non-irritating, effective and pleasing skin treatments. Whenever possible, DERMAdoctor blends skin rejuvenation with problem solving remedies. This exclusive, professionally formulated and tested line of gentle and effective skin care solutions is just what the skin doctor ordered.® is nationally known for its high quality skin care products, rapid shipping and friendly customer service.” (12/11/19)


Diet Direct

Health Buy


 Health Buy offers a wide range of natural products. Products include Cosmetics, General Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Pet Health, Sexual Health, Skin Care and more. They are members of the Natural Products Association. 



MD Plan

Speak to a U.S. board-certified doctor or pediatrician licensed in your state 24/7 from anywhere in the U.S. by Phone or Video Chat. If a Prescription is necessary, he or she will send it to your pharmacy of choice.



Yoga Direct

 Everything Yoga. Mats, clothing, fitness balls, bolsters, blocks and wedges, blankets and towels, yoga props, Music, DVDs and even Pilates equipment. It is the stop and shop site for any and all Yoga lovers.