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Security and Protection

Being able to protect one's self helps to relieve some of the stress of day to day life. Ultimately, no one wants to be a victim, and those who have been never want to be a victim again. Law Enforcement is there for protection; however, statistically across the United States there is one police officer per over 400 civilians. With statistics like that it is understandable if law enforcement is unable to arrive at the scene of a crime before anyone is hurt or killed. Increasing the number of law enforcement is an option that may help, but so is making sure that all civilians are able and ready to protect themselves.

Amazon Online Mall

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CWD Defender HD Series Surveillance 

Security Pro USA

 Security Pro USA | Total Security SolutionsSecurity Pro USA is a global supplier of homeland security, military, and safety products. If you are looking for personal protection they supply Tasers, Body Armor and Bulletproof Vests, Stun Guns, Pepper spray and more. They also supply survival gear including food, clothing and medical gear. Their site is secured by Yahoo! E-Commerce Security Servers (128 bit Encryption). All customer information is kept confidential and never shared with third parties.






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