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Happy Veterans Day, and shame on those who are using today for political finger pointing.

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 11, 2014 at 11:30 AM

It is sad that people are using Veteran’s Day to push politics. I have barely seen any Happy Veteran’s Day posts on my feed. I have however, seen people pointing the finger at political parties/politicians and any role they have played toward Veterans. Today is not what has Politics done or not done for Veterans Day. Today is not why or why not someone should like or dislike different political parties. If you are spending more time pointing fingers at a political party and campaigning for your political party, shame on you. Today is about every single individual who has risked their lives for Freedom. Today is about each and every Veteran.

If you have a problem with a Political Party and how they may or may not have done something to help Veterans, you have another 364 other days (365 in a leap year) to bitch and moan about political parties.

So, get off your damn high horse and look up to the Veterans who fight for Freedom and Liberty. Who fight to keep the terrorists away from the men, women and children who are Americans. Who fight to keep those who cannot help themselves safe from harm. Who are there when the bullets are whizzing past them and explosions are going off to help their fellow soldiers and the innocent people around them. Who have the courage to risk themselves for the life of another and in most cases a complete stranger.

Bitch and moan about which political party has done more or less for Veterans tomorrow. Because today is Veterans Day.

HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! Thank you to all who served. To everyone who has been injured. To all the Veterans who have passed away. If you all did not have the courage to do what you do, I may not be here today to bitch at inconsiderate Americans. Thank You today, yesterday and tomorrow for everything you do to keep America safe.

Jenny Lee

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