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At What Point in Time did Parents Stop Feeding their Children?

Posted by Jenny Lea on June 23, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Schools act as if they are the only source of food for children. How some kids need to bring a bag of food home for dinner or the weekend, or they may starve. Charities collect food to keep children from starving over the summer. My question is, are the parents starving too, or are they choosing not to feed their own children? Last time I checked starving one’s own child is considered child abuse, and before anyone whines about all the starving people in America, where is all the food stamp money going? Over 45 million people are currently receiving food stamps in the United States. If any child is starving the school system should report them and someone needs to find out why. In order to make sure parents are not choosing video games, online gaming, tobacco, alcohol, pricey smart phones or anything else over feeding their own children. There is no excuse for not feeding one’s own child.

Schools should not have to worry about keeping children fed for dinner, weekends and throughout the summer. If they are, their parents better look as if they are starving too. As a tax payer I would rather help support foster parents and those willing to adopt, than parents who choose not to feed their own children. I know, I know, there are horror stories about foster parents. There are horror stories about biological parents too. Society is so concerned about the welfare of children, but too afraid to save a child from bad parents. There is no reason for any child within the U.S. to be starving. The government has more than enough assistance programs. If the government would weed out all those who abuse the system, those who truly need some help would receive more help.

For all those who think the government should not interfere with parents raising their own children. Then take care of your own children. If you expect the government to supply your children with assistance or the school to feed your own children when they are not in class then also expect the government to check in on your children. Otherwise go to college, get a second or third job or whatever it takes to take care of your children on your own and if possible the help of friends and family. Don’t depend on the government for assistance and expect the government to stay out of your personal life. That should be the price you pay for not being able to take care of one self. Similar to how a child has to report to their parents while their parents pay the bills and keep a roof over their head.

If society is so concerned about the welfare of a child, then society should be doing more than just sending them home with a sack of food for dinner. If their parents are choosing not to feed them, who knows what else their parents are choosing to do or not do to or for them.


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