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Anonymous' KKK List

Posted by Jenny Lea on November 6, 2015 at 4:45 PM

The ‘long awaited’ KKK list is out. Not trying to burst anyone’s bubble or anything, but there is no real “official” anything about it. Ultimately they went through social networks and found pages & groups with KKK affiliated names and then proceeded to search through their members. They also found members names listed at their public websites. It doesn’t take any special hack to achieve it.

Supposedly, they found IP addresses and pinpointed each individual. In order for them to find an IP address they needed to be in a live chat with members of the different pages or groups. You can’t just hack Facebook and find accurate IP addresses. They also claimed to hack websites and found IP addresses. Any IP address that is found on a website becomes less and less accurate throughout time. When I look through my own website I am shown visitors, their locations and their IP address. Their location is usually limited to their internet carrier (AT&T, Time Warner, DISH, etc.) and their country, state/province, city, but not a guaranteed physical address. Plus it does not tell me if the visitor is using their own internet service. IP addresses do not identify the actual user; it identifies the network. In other words, say I am visiting a friend and I log onto their wireless, my IP address is the friend’s internet connection. Same thing happens when I use the internet connection at a restaurant, hotel, book store or any commercial location that supplies public internet. Plus IP addresses change. Whenever your power goes out or you have a reason to unplug or reset your modem or router, you are given a new IP address.

Also keep in mind, being a member of a page or group does not mean one supports them. For example, I am a member, follower or whatever the social sites want to call it, for Hillary Clinton. I do not support Hillary Clinton, but I do want to know what she is yipping about. Therefore, I “like” her Facebook page and “follow” her Twitter feed. If I planned to do some research on the ‘New Black Panther Party’ I would sign on to one of their pages, groups or feeds, and the same with the KKK, Skull and Bones, The Muslim Brotherhood, Communist Party USA, etc. Therefore, a number of journalists may be listed on Anonymous’ list, but the question remains is if they are truly active participants or merely researching the KKK. Odds are a journalist would not drop their cover while unknowingly chatting with an ‘Anonymous’ spy. I know I wouldn’t drop my ‘cover’. I would be chatting away and taking screenshots of the conversation and I would not be using my main social network ID. Which brings up the high possibility journalists used a ‘fake ID’ and it would fill the list with people who are not really, real. Same goes to many people I know on Facebook who use more than one ID. I know some people whose ID is only used to chat with all the gaming friends, another ID for co-workers and another ID for family and close friends.

An official list of members would be an actual roster found at the main group’s office. Possibly on a computer hard drive or on old fashioned paper filed in nifty filing cabinets. You know about filing cabinets? They are usually made of metal and have anywhere from two drawers to four drawers. One can hang folders in them, and if they are really organized they can put them in alphabetical or numerical order. Yep, but one has to worry about paper cuts. Paper cuts suck!


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