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Voters need to stop Attacking each Other

Posted by Jenny Lea on April 12, 2016 at 8:40 PM

#TedCruz supporters say #DonaldTrump is only going to hand the #Presidency over to #HillaryClinton. #Trump supporters say #Cruz plans to hand the Presidency over to #Hillary. Cruz supporters aren’t willing to vote Trump if Trump is nominated and Trump supporters won’t vote for Cruz if Cruz is nominated.

If Hillary or #Bernie wins, part of the blame will fall on all the paranoid, hypnotized by media propaganda, thick headed, not willing to get along with each other right leaning voters!

And if you decide to not vote, don’t complain or go get your happy ass on the campaign trail for 2020 and see if you can do any better than those who are currently willing to put themselves out on the campaign chopping block. Make sure to check all your comments, posts & replies at all the online sites before the media scoops them up, takes them out of context and manipulates them.

The left is doing the same thing to themselves with Hillary vs Bernie, but their downfall won’t matter if the right is doing the same thing.

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