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The Hillary Token

Posted by Jenny Lea on August 7, 2016 at 4:00 AM

Hillary Clinton is the DNC choice because one, she most likely has blackmail information on a number of people. Two, those who expose the truth about her keep ending up dead and three, she makes for a good gender card. The Democrats will probably keep going down the line with LGBT, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Easterner and so on. Unless their voters can band together and go against the DNC establishment. They will most likely all be tokens and puppets just like Obama has been since 2008 & if some horrifying event occurred and Hillary were elected she would be their next puppet. I mean come on, being a puppet can’t be all bad. Make some speeches, travel the world, fly around in Airforce One, gourmet chef in the kitchen, yearly six figure retirement. Who wouldn’t want to be the next lucky puppet? And then the DNC can turn around and go, “lookie, we care about everyone; because, we made sure we nominated a puppet for every possible card.”

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