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Madeleine Albrights push for Refugees

Posted by Jenny Lea on September 22, 2016 at 3:20 AM

I got an email from the White House with Madeleine Albright's name as the sender, pushing to support Barack Obama’s want to bring in more refugees. It talks about how she was a refugee at the age of 11, escaping…get this…. communism! If that is so, why in God’s Green Earth and Zeus’ butthole would she support a big controlling government?! Oh wait, I know why, because she has had a chance to see both sides of the social ladder and socialism & communism works out great from the top, but sucks at the bottom.

Albright's father, Josef Korbel, believed in Freedom and the American way of life. When Czechoslovakia went communist him and his family were shoved to the bottom of the barrel and raced to the USA to escape possible prosecution. Now she runs with the party that pushes for socialism and she must love living close to the top of the ladder.

I would say she may be happier in Czechoslovakia, but their communist reign ended in 1989 with the help of Ronald Reagan who Czechoslovakia and other countries rescued from communism consider to be the Champion of Freedom. As for her email pushing to bring in more refugees, her own refugee status back in the day does not compare. Her father being a diplomat allowed the USA to easily check her background even in 1948, but the refugees she is pushing to help bring into the USA are not able to have any thorough or publicly known background check.

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