GOP: Republican Party GOP: Republican Party Barbara Bush Quote 204351109 Mitt Romney Quote 204351110 Charles Sumner 204351111 I Voted for Trump 204351113 Chris Christie 204351114 Just a Joke 204351115 Go Vote 204351116 GOP vs Ben Jacobs 204351117 Election day Stress 204351118 DNC vs GOP Truck 204351119 Ted Cruz voting for Trump 204351120 The Republican vs Ben Jacobs 204351130 Judge Kennedy Retires Obama had the ability to appoint two Supreme Court Judges. Both were Democrat Judges and they replaced two Republican Judges. If the DNC had convinced Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire while Obama was in office, they would have been able to replace a Democrat Judge with a Democrat Judge, but maybe they thought they were leaving the choice to Hillary Clinton, their mistake. So far, Trump has replaced a Republican Judge with a Republican Judge and is currently appointing a Republican Judge to replace a Republican Judge. However, if Ginsburg does retire and possibly Judge Breyer who is 79 years old, Trump may be able to replace two Democrat Judges with Republican Judges. 205196656