Liberals Liberals Liberal Stereotypes are Racist Liberal stereotypes help to fuel racism, gender bias and many other forms of prejudice. Liberals have related Polk County Sheriff?s shelter rules with racism, rather than public safety during Hurricane Irma 2017. 204415616 Changing Subjects 204351400 Black vs White 204351401 Smaller Government 204351402 Liberal's Word of the Day When ?debating? with far-left liberals, they luv to toss in a five dollar word here and there. In many cases they kind of get it right, but the word doesn?t fit in completely. As if they are trying to figure out how to use their ?word of the day? in a conversation. 204369570 Cuddling away Conservative Stress 204351403 Election Counseling 204351404 Conservative Speeches Colleges in the U.S. are giving free counseling to their emotionally sensitive students who can?t handle a conservative giving a speech on campus. Parents should be able to trust a college would help make their kids stronger and more able to handle the world. Instead, liberal colleges are making their kids more prone to start taking antidepressants and need long term psychiatric care. 204443706 Sore Losers 204351405 Cuddling for Trump Stress 204351406 Liberal on a Soap Box 204351407 Delete Your Account 204351408 Unhappy Liberals 204351409 Google Search 204351410 Delete Your Account 204351411 It is not a Game 204351412 Kill Yourself Demand 204351413 Share a Link Game 204351414 Complaining 204351415 Breaking Apart New York 204351416 One Way Street 204351417 Offended by Halloween Costumes 204351418 Nicki Minaj 204351419 Pendejo 204351420 Race Card 204351421 Crazy Time 204351422 Occupy Wall Street 2012 204351423 Banned Countries 204351424 Sexist Card 204351425 Hillbillies not Rioting 204351426 Rosie O'Donnell Quote Something about lying and cancer. 204351427 Silencing their Opponents 204351428 Team Work Liberals working together like ISIS. 204351429 Can't say Bless You 204351430 Snowflakes are so Tough 204351431 Bullying people named Trump 204351432 Create Unwilling Servants 204351433 Spay and Neuter Liberals 204351434 It is Just a Joke If you would like to purchase some political toilet paper head on over to the Popular Products page at: 204351435 Top of the Ladder 204351436 What is this "We" Stuff About? 204351437 Time Zones 204351438 Crying Lil Snowflakes 204351440 Offended by Money Suddenly everyone is offended by who is on their currency. At the end of the day, a $100 bill is a hundred-dollar bill. 204371433 Pardons: Trump vs. Obama Thus far, Trump has not pardoned any violent, gun related or drug related criminals. Alice Marie Johnson who received a large amount of press coverage and recommended for leniency by Kim Kardashian, was guilty of participating in drug trafficking, but she did not receive a pardon, she received a commutation from Trump. In other words, her conviction is still on her record, but she is no longer being punished for the conviction. She was sentenced to life, and due to her commutation, she spent approximately 22 years in prison. 205188363