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Freedom to Choose

Health Insurance or No Health Insurance.

2nd U.S. Texas Senate Debate in 2018 with

“Ted” Cruz and “Beto” O’Rourke

From the start O’Rourke tossed out the insults and accusations and made sure to put himself on a pedestal. Which would be fine if he took the time to answer the questions first. At least Cruz answered the questions and then... Read Full Post

Kavanaugh: Another Casualty in the Democrats’ War against Trump

Kavanaugh’s nomination is replacing a Republican Judge, Anthony Kennedy, who many call a moderate but is a Republican Conservative who did not... Read Full Post

Virginia Senate Debate 2018: Republican Corey Stewart vs. Democrat Tim Kaine

Virginia’s debate asked each candidate their questions separately. First Corey Stewart came out and answered all his questions and then he left. Tim Kaine..... Read Full Post 

Debate 1 out of 3: Ted Cruz vs. "Beto" O'Rourke

The first of three debates with Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke. During the introductory footage Ted Cruz said he wants to keep Texas Red! Beto, wants to get Texas “back on the right track.” Texas is doing just fine, and Beto trying to derail Texas is not going to.... Read Full Post

Brett Kavanaugh's Judiciary Hearing Day Four

Today is the final day Senators get to take their soap boxes out for the Kavanaugh Judiciary Hearing. Thus far, the Democrats brought bigger boxes with them than the Republicans. Hopefully, everyone... Read Full Post

Brett Kavanaugh's Judiciary Hearing Day Three

Once again, the hearing has had to go back to the background documents. (R) Senator Grassley informed them that the documents are all there at the Judiciary Committee website. Pages that are... Read Full Post

Brett Kavanaugh's Judiciary Hearing Day Two

Starting with (D) Dianne Feinstein – She started with GUNS. She gave a speech about gun violence. Including, “School shootings. I never thought this would happen in our country. That someone... Read Full Post

Brett Kavanaugh's Judiciary Hearing Day One

Kavanaugh Judiciary Committee Update 9/04/2018 AM: At the start, Al Sharpton minions were yelling protests when the Republican Senators were talking and were quiet while the Democrat Senators... Read Full Post

Liberals Suffer from Psychological Projection

For the longest time, I thought psychological projection was a childhood trait.

Little did I know, the ‘childhood trait’ was really a Liberal trait. At least in the adult world. 

Free Birth Control Pills was the Gateway to High Priced HIV Prevention Pharma Drugs

From 2008 to 2011, Democrat Politicians claimed women have been wanting insurance companies to pay for birth control pills for decades. BULL$%IT! Since at least the late 1970’s women have .....

Read Full Post

Only Cheaters Use Big Words?

August 30, 2017

Apparently, when you happen to know the name of a beautiful bush, you are accused of cheating at ‘Words with Friends’. 

My letters consisted of D-D-E-L-I-B-U and all I see is smaller words. I hate smaller words. You cannot always help having to use smaller words, but if you want the points you must blob them up against another word, unless it consists of high point letters that can be placed on a triple word or triple letter tile. So, I look, thinking ok, I have DELI, LIED, BLUE, BUD and other small words. There wasn’t much on the board, since my opponent had been tossing in one small word after another and created a large blob of ... Read Full Post

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