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Brett Kavanaugh Judiciary Hearing Day One

By: Jenny Lea

September 4, 2018

Kavanaugh Judiciary Committee Update 9/04/2018 AM: At the start, Al Sharpton minions were yelling protests when the Republican Senators were talking and were quiet while the Democrat Senators talked. It took over four hours for the security to do their job and remove and/or quiet down the public arena. Democrats whined about only having 82% of the 558,921 pages of Kavanaugh’s background, but somehow saying they are missing 90%, when they are missing 18%, but then again, typical Democrats not understanding basic math. Democrats spent over 2 hours complaining about the missing 18%, that has been redacted at the request of Bill Burck who is Bush's presidential records representative and the redacted pages are at the request of the ex-President George W. Bush. (D) Patrick Leahy made it sound as if no one knew who Burck was and as if he was some kind of mysterious person. Obviously, (D) Patrick Leahy is too old to understand search engines. (D) Richard Blumenthal kept asking to follow the rules, and apparently the rules Blumenthal was reciting were for a “Executive Session” not for a Judiciary Committee; because, Committee Chairman ( R ) Chuck Grassley kept reminding him, they were not in an “Executive Session”. Then Democrats made assumptions of Kavanaugh that their own party has been guilty of doing. Then Democrats complained about past actions of Republicans that true or false, are similar actions by Democrats. Thus far Kavanaugh has not been able to respond to any of the assumption and accusations made against him. I believe that part starts tomorrow. IF I continue watching todays chapter of the Judiciary Committee, I will supply another summary of all the BS, I mean Judiciary Committee.

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Kavanaugh Judiciary Committee UPDATE 9/04/2018 PM: On the bright side, the protestors were much quieter.

Republicans, as expected, supported Kavanaugh. They apologized for the protestors and hecklers upsetting Kavanaugh’s children. Most of the Republican Senators, including Ted Cruz, brought up Kavanaugh’s history showing he is objective. ( R) Ben Sasse, brought up how Kavanaugh’s past associates, both Republican and Democrat, respect him and have nothing but good things to say about him. He also brought up how much we need objective judges who are NOT trying to re-write laws, but to uphold current laws. (R ) Mike Crapo brought up how Democrats don’t like Kavanaugh because Trump picked him, not because of his work ethic. (R ) Thom Tillis congratulated Kavanaugh on how well he has been handling all of the Democrat bashing, and that most of the issues brought up by the Democrats are not issues for the U.S. Supreme Court, but issues that Senators are elected to deal with. (R ) Lindsey Graham ended the Republican opening speeches telling the Democrats, if they want to pick a judge, win an election.

Democrats… spent most of their time whining and complaining about issues that are not the responsibility of the Supreme Court, twisted information, made assumptions and repeated their own propaganda. I could end it there, but I will name some names. (D) Amy Klobuchar mainly complained about Trump and made assumptions about Trump’s future plans. (D) Chris Coons wants Kavanaugh to talk about his understanding of the judiciary system and the Constitution. Then ended his opening statement by quoting John McCain about “living under the rule of law.” (D)Richard Blumenthal was still in lala land thinking they were in an “Executive Session”. (R ) Chuck Grassley had to keep reminding him it was a Judicial Committee and the rules are different. Blumenthal went on to say that the true “Heroes will be this Judiciary Committee and the Free Press.” He then went on to accuse Trump for nominating the judge for his own criminal case. Even if Trump ends up in criminal court, every President before Trump is possibly nominating the Supreme Court Judge for their own criminal case. Just ask Bill Clinton, he elected (and confirmed) Ruth Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer. Blumenthal continued by being overdramatic and making assumptions about the final pages that have yet to be submitted. (D)Mazie Hirono started her opening statement by cherry picking cases that are tear jerkers, but not from the Supreme Court docket. She went on with DNC propaganda about Kavanaugh being a woman hater, an LGBT (& More letters) hater, and an anti-environmentalist. She bashed Trump and made assumptions about Kavanaugh’s future court decisions. (D) Cory Booker and (D) Kamala Harris both want to postpone the hearing. Supposedly they only received less than 10% of Kavanaugh’s background and it takes hours to download the information. One, the papers they are referring to are more like 82% of Kavanaugh’s background and not including the 42,000 pages submitted yesterday the remaining 415,000 pages have been submitted in intervals since July 21st, starting with Kavanaugh’s 110-page questionnaire. Downloading the background pages takes about a minute per 10,000 pages. So, unless they are using dial up, some of the Democrats waited until last night to download all 457,000 pages at the last minute. Booker also rambled on about issues the Supreme Court does not deal with and definitions about women and racial groups going back to who knows what ancient times. Harris rambled on about Trump picking a Supreme Court Judge to do his bidding, which historically Kavanaugh has been objective and apparently, she blocked out Obama’s use of the Supreme Court to push DACA and other issues, another case of psychological projection.

Brett Kavanaugh – through all the bashing, assumptions and accusation didn’t flinch. He did not get upset, turn red, lash out or speak out of turn. He maintained himself really well. He laughed at some jokes, but never seemed upset or out of control. I think that may have upset some of the people bashing him.

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