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Take your pick. Whether you stick to one social site or more than one, you are bound to find me there. My main hangouts include Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. The pages listed below are mirrored on numerous social sites, but for now they all originate at Facebook. Take a look and sign up with the pages that spark your interest, and have a happy time socializing.

My main personal profiles.

Feel free to follow or friend me at any of the above social sites. I usually log in to Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter on a daily basis. Pinterest is mainly used as a photo album for my graphic creations. 

Jenny's Rants & Raves

Politics, Current Events, Jokes, Inspirational, Satires and more all in Jenny’s twisted and opinionated viewpoint.

Doc's Discussions

Discussing whatever floats Doc's boat. Hardly, if ever, politically correct and in some cases downright rude. Like Doc's page at your own risk.

Subjects include: Aviation, Construction, Military, Auto Racing (mainly Formula One), Automotive, Guns, Jokes, Texas and the Great South, political & current events his wife is too nice to post on her page and other manly stuff.

eMoney for the Frugal Shopper

Sales, deals, coupons, rebates, sweepstakes, employment opportunities and more for the Frugal Shopper.

Fancifully Healthy

Healthy goes beyond eating. It includes your everyday actions and experiences. Page includes: Recipes, Health News, Mental Wellness news, Inspirational posts, Nutritional Information, Fitness and more.

Mother Nature's Everything

The world is full of beauty and wonder, whether it is a domesticated cat walking across the bookshelf or a cluster of stars in space.


The Beliefs page supplies news, jokes, information and more about all religions, belief systems and traditions. This page is meant for those with open minds and a sense of humor.