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Jenny's Rants & Raves

When I first started this page, it was intended to talk about current politics and candidates. However, I quickly noticed that I did not know about as many politicians and political steps as I thought I did, and neither did a good number of political talking people online. I hope to utilize this page to continue to criticize current politics, but to also bring up the names of as many politicians whenever possible from City Commissioner all the way up the current President, past politicians and political hopefuls.  
To also take the time to write an editorial or set up an info meme that shows how different areas of the government functions, new laws, old laws, laws in different levels of the government, etc. 

If the voters want to once again control the government, they were originally meant to control they have to do their part. Their part includes keeping up with current political events and politicians, understanding the different functions of the government at different levels within the government, speaking up in an appropriate method that will allow one to be heard and above all, to make an EDUCATED Vote every Election Day.

The page also includes: Politics, Current Events, Jokes, Inspirational, Satires and more all in Jenny’s twisted and opinionated viewpoint.

Doc's Discussions

Discussing whatever floats Doc's boat. Hardly, if ever, politically correct and in some cases downright rude. Like Doc's page at your own risk.

Subjects include: Aviation, Construction, Military, Auto Racing (mainly Formula One), Automotive, Guns, Jokes, Texas and the Great South, political & current events his wife is too nice to post on her page and other manly stuff.

eMoney for the Frugal Shopper

Sales, deals, coupons, rebates, sweepstakes, employment opportunities and more for the Frugal Shopper.

Fancifully Healthy

Healthy goes beyond eating. It includes your everyday actions and experiences. Page includes: Recipes, Health News, Mental Wellness news, Inspirational posts, Nutritional Information, Fitness and more.

Mother Nature's Everything

The world is full of beauty and wonder, whether it is a domesticated cat walking across the bookshelf or a cluster of stars in space.


The Beliefs page supplies news, jokes, information and more about all religions, belief systems and traditions. This page is meant for those with open minds and a sense of humor.

Other Personal Profiles:


A social network for Conservatives. 



The "Free Speech alternative to Twitter". 


Hopes to be the next-gen social network. They are ad-free, spy ware free and uncensored. 



Find news, friends, and networking with no censorship, banning, or shadowbanning.

Tea Party Community Social Network

Founded by Ken Crow, Tim Selaty, Sr. and Tim Selaty, Jr. in November 2012. It is an alternative to Facebook for American Conservatives.